Newsletter Text Edition Posting: Blog and Social Sites Issue:7 – March 2011

Mehmet Okonsar
Newsletter Text Edition Posting: Blog and Social Sites Issue:7 – March 2011

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Dear friends,
I thank you for your ongoing support of my artistic activities by reading
this newsletter and sharing it with people you know who may be interested

This issue will feature my Tango CD.

The exceptional beauty of the work of Astor Piazzolla always strike me.
Those pieces reflect genuine sense of musicianship and also something very
rare in contemporary creation sincerity of feelings.

In this CD I made my own transcriptions of the famous Tangos by Piazzolla .
It is published by rec-by Saatchi and it is not available outside Turkey.
You can however listen to all the tracks here.

I also included in this post a rather unusual project I realized: the
Musical Offering BWV1079 by J.S. Bach. The instrumentation for this work is
not defined by the composer. One may play it on whatever instruments we deem
fit. I selected electronic instruments for my realization. You can listen

The Watch section is my live performance of the Sonata op.1 in B min. by
Alban Berg I performed in Cyprus.

The reading section is an article in Turkish which investigates the
relationship between the major scientific discoveries and changes in the
musical language.

The last sections are as usual and contains my biographical data and my

Thank you for your time and I hope you will enjoy reading this and you will
do my a great favor by sharing this with your friends.
Musically yours,
Mehmet Okonsar

Best Tangos by Astor Piazzolla
transcribed for the piano solo and performed by
Mehmet Okonsar

1-Verano Porteno
2-Otono Porteno
3-Invierno Porteno
4-Primavera Porteno
5-Retrato de Alfredo Gobbi
7-Milonga Del Angel
8-La Muerte Del Angel
9-Resurreccion Del Angel
15-Tango Ultimo

CD by:

Listen CD ->


Sonata op.1 in B min. by
Alban Berg

Mehmet Okonsar, piano
Recorded Live Cyprus

Youtube ->
Alban Berg Sonata op.1
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Alban Berg’s Piano sonata (Klaviersonate), Op. 1, was published in 1910, but
the exact date of composition is unknown; sources suggest that it was
written in 1909. The Sonata is Berg’s only piano work to which he gave an
opus number.

(this article in Turkish only)
Ne Ä°lgisi Var?
Possible relationship between the major scientific discoveries and the
changes in musical language.

tüm metin ->


* Born in 1961 in Istanbul, Turkey
* 1969 to 1972 lived in Paris, France
* 1974 Started formal musical education, piano and composition at the
National Conservatory of Ankara
* 1977 moved to Brussels, started studying piano with J. Cl. Vanden
Eynden, Royal Conservatory of Brussels
* Continued studies with Alexis Weissenberg.
* 1982 Won First Prize at the “Young Virtuoses” competition in Antwerp,
orchestral debut with the Antwerp Philharmonic (now The Royal
Orchestra of Flanders, Het Koninklijk Filharmonische Orkest van
* 1986 graduated “Diplome Supérieur de Piano, Avec la plus Grande
Distinction, Premier Nommé”,and started studying composition and
orchestration with Mme. Jacqueline Fontyn
* 1989 graduated from the composition-orchestration class. Won the
Premio Etruria, Rome Chopin Academy
* 1991 Laureate of the Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition,
Salt Lake City, Utah
* Performed, among others, with: Utah Symphony, Poznan and Lublin
Philharmonic Orchestras, Brussels Opera Orchestra (La Monnaie),
Philharmonic, Presidential Symphony (Ankara), Istanbul State Symphony,
State Symphony
* Performed, among others, with the conductors: Joseph Silverstein,
Charles Dutoit, Sylvain Cambreling, Ingo Metzmacher, Christof Escher,
Alexander Schwink, Lucas Pfaff->
* 1992 Nominated State Artist by the Turkish Government, moved to Turkey
* 2000 Nominated one of the “2000 Outstanding Musicians of the XXth.
Century” by the Cambridge Biographical Center
* 2010 London Recital début, Royal Opera House

Get bio in .pdf ->
Mehmet Okonsar on Wikipedia ->
Read biography ->

My Recordings, Compositions and Writings
Discography ->

* J.S.BACH The Goldberg Variations (piano) [LMO-Records]
* J.S.BACH The Well-Tempered Keyboard (piano) (complete in 3 CD set)
* J.S.BACH The Art of Fugue (Organ and Harpsichord) [LMO-Records]
* J.S.BACH The Musical Offering (electronic instruments) [LMO-Records]
* Mehmet Okonsar Live at Salt Lake City. [LMO-Records]. Original and
unedited recordings of the Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition
* TANGO Best tangos by A. Piazzolla transcribed for the piano by Mehmet
Okonsar. [Rec-by Saatchi]
* Shadowy Arcade Free style improvisations by Mehmet Okonsar (piano).
* Mehmet Okonsar Plays Gershwin Complete piano music and original
transcriptions (piano). [Rec-by Saatchi]
* TRT Youth Choir 20th. anniversary CD. Specially commissioned work “Two
Seascapes” for a capella choir.
* TRT Chamber Orchestra Fall Concert CD. Bach keyboard Concerti Fm.
BWV1056 and Gm.BWV1058

Compositions ->

* “Shir Ha Shirim” שיר השירים For soprano and large orchestra (2010).
* “Tehillim-Zebur” תהלים For solo voice and small orchestra (2010).
* “Kaleidoscopes” (2006-2009)
o N1. for Piano Premiered by the composer in Ankara. Watch on
Youtubeâ„¢ ->
o N2. for Chamber Strings Orchestra, Marimba and PianoPremiere
conducted by Hakan Åžensoy in Istanbul.
Watch on Yahooâ„¢ videos ->
o N3. for Viola and Piano. Premiered by Çetin Aydar (viola) and
the composer in Ankara.
Watch on Youtubeâ„¢ ->
* “Percussion X” (2005) For three percussionists. Premiered in Ankara by
Trio SaNeNa.
Watch on Youtubeâ„¢ ->
* “Temples of Kyoto” (2004-2010) Three pieces for Piano
o N1. Kinkaku-ji 金閣寺, Temple of the Golden Pavilion. Premiered in
Tokyo by the composer (dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Yasuko Fukuda)
o N2. Tetsugaku no Michi 哲学の道 , Philosopher’s Walk (dedicated to
Reiko and Masatsugu Sasaki)
o N3. Ginkaku-ji 銀閣寺, Temple of the Silver Pavilion
* “Two Seascapes” (2000) for a-capella mixed choir, commissioned by the
Turkish National Broadcast (TRT). Premiere conducted by Prof. Mustafa
Apaydın, Ankara.
* “Rhythm Studies for Piano Solo” series 1 (1999) and 2 (2000). Inspired
from the “Schillinger System of Musical Composition”
* “Oannés” & “Mr. Dunne” (1990) Two improvisational charts of
appreciatively 7 minutes each, for one or several pianos. Premiered in
Brussels by the composer.
* “Unknown” (1989) for Bass Clarinet and Percussion. Premiered in
* “Mandel Fractal Studies” (1997) Five pieces for Piano based on fractal
iterations and Strange Attractors.
* “Emulation” (1989) Five Pieces for Piano. Premiered by the composer in
* “Chameleon” (1987) Three Pieces for Piano. Premiered by the composer
in Brussels.

Writings ->
* Ligeti and Micropolyphony.
* Debussy “Etude Pour les Quartes”.
* Stockhausen Klavierstück N.9.
* Structure and Spectra.
* Jewish Music, A Concise Study.
* Conlon Nancarrow.
* Masonic Signs in Music.


Me? Myself? I?
Meditations on self and ego
By Tzvi Freeman

Today you did some wonderful things. It’s okay to tell yourself that.
There’s a time to feel some satisfaction with what you have accomplished

As long as you’re never satisfied with tomorrow.


About David Ezra (Mehmet) Okonsar

David Ezra Okonsar, formerly Mehmet, pianist, composer, conductor and musicologist is the First Prize Winner at the International Young Virtuosos Competition, Antwerp, Belgium, 1982 and laureate of other prestigious international piano competitions such as the Gina Bachauer, Sixth Prize, Salt Lake City-UT, 1991 and J. S. Bach, Second Prize, Paris, France 1989. He is graduated from the Brussels Royal Conservatory of Music. His extensive discography includes a series of works by J. S. Bach, Liszt and Schumann. As a musicologist, writer and lecturer, Okonsar's writings are published in several music periodics. His essays and analyses are released in English and French, he is a lecturer on music, composing and technology.
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